What Are Exosomes?

Nanoscale Messages

Exosomes are small spherical packages (10,000 times smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen) made by cells within our body. They contain vital information and serve as a form of communication between cells. The appearance of exosomes in the tissue environment   influence the behavior of resident cells, the immune system and progenitor cells. Recently the research in Rion has shown that particular exosomes in the body reside in the blood stream and are the main driving force of healing in the setting of injury. This circulating exosome fraction has been isolated by Rion as a purified exosome product or PEP.


Based on over 20 years of research in the field of regenerative medicine, PEP represents the most potent active ingredient to drive tissue regeneration. Rion leverages a proprietary manufacturing platform to create this product as a dry powder that is stable at room temperature for one year.

PEP represents the first-ever regenerative technology that is a fully off0the-shelf platform, eliminating the significant logistical barriers once seen with cell-based therapeutic platforms.




Identification of stem cells as nature’s ultimate ‘building blocks’ opened a new horizon of imagination in the biomedical space. After two decades of investigation at Mayo Clinic, a key discovery was made. Stem cells exist in abundance in the body. Living around our blood vessels, these cells rapidly respond to a particular regenerative exosome signal released from blood at the time of injury. However, with severe damage, chronic disease and aging the ability to activate resident progenitors is lost, primarily due to inflammation and lack of adequate blood flow to deliver needed exosome signaling. Rion has developed a process to sift these critical exosomes out of plasma and has purified them as an off-the-shelf platform called PEP.

Building on Exosomes

RION's core technology is based upon proprietary CGMP exosome manufacturing processes yields exosomes in their native state at concentrations that are 1000x other products (5 trillion exosomes / ml). Our product pipeline consists of stand-alone regenerative exosomes (RioPEP and RioCOR), matrix targeted exosomes (RioGEL and RioDERM) and exosomes engineered to carry genetic and small molecule cargo (RioGENE). Building on a robust pre-clinical program, Rion is now testing these platforms to establish safety and efficacy of exosome therapy in a broad array of disease conditions.