Clinical Programs


A first-in-class regenerative exosome designed of intra-arterial delivery.


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A first-in-class topically applied biopotentiated gel.


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A first-in-class injectable exosome matrix for soft tissue and orthopaedic healing.


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Anticipated trials

  • Treatment of non-healing vaginal mesh erosion with RioGEL
  • Acceleration of wound healing with topical application of RioDERM
  • RioGEL as a reconstructive and cosmetic tissue filler
  • RioGEL to accelerate tendon healing in rotator cuff injury
  • RioPEP treatment of degenerative joint disease
  • Phase 2/3 initiatives will be designed based on initial safety and efficacy signals of Phase 1 trials
  • P1 - Restoration of cartilage integrity through application of RIoGEL
  • P1 - RioPEP for neuroprotection in traumatic brain injury
  • P1 - RioCOR for neuroprotection in Stroke